Picture of an example of tuckpointing technique

Tuckpointing is a process where the old mortar between the bricks are removed and then replaced with mortar matching color of the bricks and then another mortar with a contrasting color to give an impression of artificial joints. The mortar that is between the bricks that brings them all together can deteriorate over time when it is exposed to the elements. 

When the mortar deteriorates, it creates a ledge where water can sit or cracks for water to seep into and cause quicker deterioration. This is a very common issue with many homes and buildings with brick walls and chimneys, and if your masonry wall has any cracks, voids, or mortar that is crumbling and flaking, then tuckpointing will help fix the joints keep the wall waterproof and prevent further creepage of water damage. Tuckpointing saves money by not having to perform a full masonry replacement or repairs as well. When mortar problems go unchecked, this leads to more issues that will cause damage to the bricks or stones. Another benefit of tuckpointing is that it helps maintain the structural integrity of the architecture. By keeping up with the maintenance of the brick or stone masonry, you will be able to avoid bigger problems in the future. Some homeowners prefer tuckpointing process because they like the clean visual effect it creates. This is because the mortar almost becomes flush with the bricks gives it a very aesthetically crisp look. Big cracks and gaps in mortar between the bricks can be very ugly and unattractive. Getting one of our qualified professionals to do proper tuckpointing will help you building looking beautiful and keep the value high as well. If you believe that the mortar on your property may be deteriorating, give us a call and we will be happy to assess the condition and discuss your options. ​​​​


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