Lintel Repair

building under construction with visible lintel installation, rochester hills mi

Lintel is the support for openings in the buildings such as doors and windows. It is critical to look for early signs that lintel failure may be present. If the bricks around it are cracked and displaced, if you see cracks in the mortar, or there is visible damage to the lintel itself, you will be able to see that it will start to sag. It is common for lintel to fail and sage and this will lead to masonry above it to break and drop as well.

 This can lead to many problems with the structural integrity of the door or windows cause the overhead to ultimately collapse. Year after year, big storms or cold winters will corrode and damage lintels. When Lintel is experiencing corrosion, it is important to handle it with caution. Have our local professional mason to inspect the condition of the lintel every few years to ensure that it is in good and safe condition. Lintel repair can help prevent future repairs and keep the bricks from splitting apart from your home. Some other common reasons for lintel failure besides the weathering damage are water and moisture damage, and improper installation and flashing. Harsh weather conditions of Michigan require our buildings to receive proper inspection and maintenance. If you are uncertain in the event that you need your lintels fixed, contact our experts. Our experts have experience and understanding and knows precisely what to search for. Our team will be able to replace or repair your lintel while keeping your budget at an affordable cost while getting the job done fast and efficiently. ‚Äč


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