If you are a homeowner, you understand that building maintenance is key to a long-lasting house, retaining high value, and keeping it looking beautiful. Building maintenance by masonry is exactly what we do here at Masonry Rochester Hills to help you keep your home looking new and beautiful. ​​Whether it is a residential building project, a commercial building project, industrial or institutional project, our expert Masonry Rochester Hills contractors will be able to complete the task.

Masonry Brick & Stone Repair Rochester Hills MI

brick wall with half repointed and half not tuckpointed

It is natural for things to break down and fall apart over the years. This is especially true for building exteriors as they are constantly bombarded with the harsh elements of nature. The combination of cold and hot, wet and dry, freezing or scorching, any mix of these weather possibilities can take a great toll on the masonry materials. Sometimes harsh natural disasters such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, or flooding can really damage both the residential and the commercial properties. But do not be dismayed if this has happened to you and your home. This is where we can not only lend a helping hand to restore the buildings but to make it look brand spanking new as well! 


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Over time, construction materials such as bricks, mortar, blocks and stone will wear and chip away due to the second law of thermodynamics, and this will not be aesthetically pleasing to look at. Few common places to check if there are wear and tears are places like the chimney, balcony, brick or stone walls and sidewalk, and the patio just to name a few locations. If you noticed that there is wear and tear on your home, call us today and one of our friendly team members will be able to give you advice on what is the best course of action. If your home has bricks and stones on the exterior that is worn out and needs restoration service done, such as chimney repair or porch repair, we are the right company to call for this assignment! Not only do we service exterior masonry, it would make sense that we service interior as well. If you are planning to take on a new project and just want a change of scenery to remodel the interior with bricks or stones, we can talk about that as well. If you choose to have the renovation done professionally with us, we will ensure exceptional quality so that we can help prevent future repairs and increase the value of your properties. 

Our Services

Since we are professionals when it comes to masonry, we offer various service pertaining to the topic. We provide services for both residential projects and commercial projects, so we are ready for whatever you have in mind. Here are some of the popular services we offer: 

Brick Repair & Stone Repair ​

This is the most common work that is done by our mason contractors. There are plenty of buildings in the area that have bricks and stones in their structure, and it is only a matter of time before it will require maintenance. Brick and masonry restoration are what we do best, and many residential and industrial buildings need it. inspect your property to see if it requires maintenance or call us to have it inspected ​


Tuckpointing or tuck pointing is a process used to restore a wall with mortar wear and deterioration. As time goes by and weather beats on the walls, mortar will break down and it could jeopardize the structural integrity and cause further propagation of the damage if not treated promptly and properly. We know exactly what to do when it comes to tuckpointing and we will get it right the first time. Give us a call if you have any questions about grinding and tuckpointing as well. ​

Chimney Repair & Installation

It is very important to have your brick chimney repaired and maintained properly in order to prevent a complete rebuild. The brick chimney and stone chimney is masonry as well so if mortar is starting to breakdown and crumble, it is essential to have a professional do the repair properly. We do not recommend taking on this take yourself because there are many hazards and safety precautions that must be taken in order to perform work on the chimney repair. We will take proper measures when it comes to safety so that both you and your family will stay safe. ​


Lintel is the large piece of stone or concrete that is laid across on top of openings in a building such as doors or windows. If you have lintel as part of your masonry structure, it is important to do regular inspection to ensure that it is structurally sound. Damaged lintels cause the masonry above it to lose structural support and could potentially collapse if immediate action is not taken.  ​

Porch Repair & Installation ​

If your porch consists of bricks and stones and requires restoration, we are the guys that will get the job done. Or if you want to start a project to build the porch or deck or the balcony out of bricks and masonry, we can help you with that as well. It is important to involve a mason contractor with projects that are related to home alteration to ensure that proper building safety requirement are met and pass inspection. ​

Fireplace Repair & Installation​

Need to renovate your old fireplace, or just want to correct a few imperfections? Search no further because the right talent can be found here to help you knock that project out fast and conveniently. as mentioned above, since masonry is an excellent fire barrier, fireplaces are made from bricks and stones. If you want to keep your fireplace looking pretty or just want to redesign, we are the experts for the quality finish. ​

Masonry waterproofing ​

We waterproof walls by applying sealer on the surface to help prevent water and moisture from being absorbed. We emphasize that major damages are caused by water and moisture penetrating the structure leading to mold growth and water being trapped within the walls. Once the job of repair has been done correctly, we will apply the sealant to help keep the water out of the structure from causing damage and prevent future repairs. ​

Parapet Walls ​

A parapet wall is a wall that sticks above the roofline of a building around the perimeter. Since the parapet is at the top of the building, it partially acts as a roof as well, so it is very important to make sure it stays waterproof to prevent water penetration. We have the correct solution if your building has any problems with the parapet walls. ​

Concrete Repair ​

Concrete is a construction material composed of mixtures of cement, sand and water. Concrete on walkways, sidewalk or stairs could crack and chip over time due to wear and tear from the harsh elements and we can provide patching service needed to tend to this issue as well. Please give us a call if you have any questions ​

brick mailbox masonry

Mailbox Enhancements 

Every address has a mailbox and they are often built out of bricks and stones. If your mailbox is broken due to wear and tear and your mail is falling out everywhere, it might be time for a new brickwork mailbox. We can help you get squared away on your new mailbox project. Upgrading this will boost the charm of your home and increase the value as well. 

indoor fireplace stone masonry rochester hills MI
Chimney Repair in Rochester Hills

Benefits of Masonry

Cost Effective

Probably the most attractive trait about masonry is that it is cost effective. First of all, there are cost benefits when the construction starts in the beginning and the cost stays down throughout the lifespan of the structure due to the low maintenance it requires compared to other materials. It is durable and will last long internally unlike drywalls that frequently require repairs, and externally it is very mold resistant unlike other building materials such as wood so saving you more frequent maintenance fees. Again, keeping maintenance or adding masonry to your property will increase the value of it and prevent future repairs and help you save more money in the long run. Whether visually, structurally, or financially, overall, it is the material of choice but if by some off chance it requires repair or if you just want a fresh look and renovate, our team of professional masons will be able to keep that price even lower with competitive pricing to help you stay within your budget while providing highest quality repair or renovation work. 

Strong Structural System

Everyone knows the story about the wolf and the three little pigs. The wolf destroys the straw and the wooden house of the first two pigs but he is not able to bring down the third pig’s house because it is built out of strong solid bricks and there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. It is a good idea to change to masonry if you are thinking about replacing perhaps the wooden part of your building or changing the interior layout to a bricks or stones. This is because masonry buildings are known to be structurally sound and this will keep it safer as well. If you are setting up Internally for an interior design, the durability of brick and stone walls are resistant to holes that are often created in drywalls and it will require little to no maintenance. The entire structure and the frame of the house will not warp or bend as much with the support thanks to the uniform nature of the construction and the ceilings will not crack, the moulding will stay in place and the doors will close properly. The structural integrity will be resilient to earthquakes, sound and fire.  ​

Fire Barrier

Speaking of fire, there is another significant benefit of masonry which is its splendid performance under fiery conditions. This factor of being fire-safe is good when it comes to insurance policy because they take this into account when calculating premiums. Masonry will help you save money with the insurance company as well so this is a good investment when looking at the long term. Brick walls give a durable fire obstruction that is absolutely non-flammable and won’t break down in structure because of absence of upkeep. Stone work construction, which has for some time has been recognized for fire immunity, is another amazing characteristic and quality which different materials can just profess to meet. When being tested for fire resistance and endurance, masonry structure is tested through conditions up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit with a pressure test from a fire hose afterwards. other fire barrier structures cannot be tested this way because they will not be able to endure and fail.  

Noise Barrier

Exterior masonry structure acts as an excellent noise canceler and it will keep outside noise out and inside noise in. Brick and stones can create a much quieter environment compared to other building materials such as wood or vinyl because it is much higher in density and stone properties, and it has exceptional ability to reduce transmission of sound. If you have a hobby that causes a great deal of noise such as power tools, playing the drums or guitar or the piano, or playing loud music then brick buildings are a safe bet to not anger your neighbors and can maintain peace for everyone.

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly ​

Compared to the lightweight walls such as wood or vinyl sidings, masonry walls are able to maintain more efficient thermal barrier around the house. Studies show that it is able to keep the heat in and cold out and vice versa. The electricity bill will be much lower during the summer and the winter time by keeping the air conditioning system running efficiently without great versatility in temperature, so there is more opportunity to save money. On top of being energy efficient, it is also environmentally friendly or “green” as well. It should be obvious that masonry does not use timber so we can help save more trees with this method. It won’t kill forests and deplete the natural resources to help the earth stay green and healthy. Overall, the process of producing bricks and stones requires very low energy in comparison to other manufacturing materials. 

brickwork of a school rochester hills mi
before and after brick restoration
front porch repair made of brick masonry, rochester hills mi

Strength and Durability

Masonry is a profoundly solid type of construction, and our work is done to stand the trial of time, even despite Michigan’s brutal winter climate conditions. We consolidate the greatest materials for your venture, including best in class mortar, with master workmanship and tried and true masonry to ensure the toughness of your general brickwork construction. Regardless of whether you need new brickwork, repairs, restoration or renovation for your private or business structure, our master mason group will finish the project on schedule and on affordable budget. So Don’t put off your maintenance anymore and call us today! 

Masonry Rochester Hills gives a wide range of stone work administrations, including: 

  • Block
  • Brick 
  • Cut limestone
  • Glass block 
  • Natural stone 
  • Synthetic stone 
  • Waterproofing 
  • Interior partition walls 
  • Masonry infilling 
  • Masonry openings 
  • Chimney repair & rebuilding 
  • Mailbox repair & rebuilding 
  • Fireplace repair & rebuilding 
  • Lintel replacement 
  • Terra cotta repairs 
  • Tuckpointing 
downtown brick buildings

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