Fireplace and Chimney Repair & Rebuilding

outdoor patio fireplace brick masonry rochester hills mi
brick chimney rochester hills mi

Outdoor fireplace and chimneys are subject to the harsh elements of nature. This is the exact reason why when installing them it should be done right the first time to reduce headaches later on. Proper maintenance is crucial for both of these as well just like the other masonry. When they are frequently used, crumbling mortar breaking down, water penetration, and exposure to the weather are all thing that can cause a complete rebuild of intense repair if not treated properly. Proper installation is key for fireplaces and chimneys outside and we specialize it them as well. If done correctly, it will make your home beautiful and will give that extra enhancement to make your yard or home very attractive. We ensure that we use the highest quality bricks and stones along with the best sealants to make sure that your outdoor fireplace or chimney will last for decades to come. Indoor fireplaces are not exposed to the elements, but it is directly connected to the chimney outside, so it is important to inspect for imperfections and promptly repair them to reinforce the structure of the building. One of our professional mason contractors can come out and inspect your fireplace and then recommend repair methods. So if you haven’t used your fireplace in a while and want to use it or its your first time using it, it is a good idea to call a professional to verify that it is safe for use. Or if you just want to freshen up the old fireplace and give it a makeover, our experts will be the right people for the job. The interior makeover can beautify your home and increase value of your property at the same time. So don’t hesitate to call us for fireplace or chimney repair, restoration or renovation in Rochester Hills! ​


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